Earthing Installation


We are a professionally managed upcoming company engaged in providing latest Earthling/Grounding systems and solutions ensuring Safety of Property, People and Equipments.The Earthing electrode must be installed as per the following Procedure:

The location of the site to be decided or identified by the staff (Electrode should never be installed in the proximity to a metal fence)

e respective boring will be of appropriate depth of 2 or 3 meters depending upon the size of electrode selected and minimum 150-200 mm Diameter.

The bore will be watered for 24 hours or more in normal soil conditions .In case the soil condition is rocky or sandy then watering should be carried out for 48 hours or more at the discretion your engineering staff or else we should be consulted.

After the appropriate watering is done and the bore is cleared off mud etc. formed there in the bore .The electrode must be inserted at the centre of the bore.

The Protech STM compound which is supplied in the packs of 20 Kg. each must be mixed with the water of appropriate quantity to make thick slurry of the compound and poured around the electrode gradually to reach upto the ground level.

The slurry of the Protech STM poured in the bore around the electrode will take curing time of seven to ten days to mix up with the soil and attain the natural properties of surrounding soil.

The first testing of ohmic values for preliminary result can be carried out on the day of installation and the final results can be taken after curing period is over.

The earthing electrode can be connected after the preliminary test and safety of the equipment can be ensured.

In certain cases of rocky and stony areas where it is not possible to go2-3 meter Deep then the manufacturers recommendation to install horizontal electrode of L-shape (Available on prior order)where the small arm of the L will be of 600mm, or same horizontal electrode can be installed at an angle of 30 degree from the ground level. In such cases the Protech STM compound will be 50% more than the vertical installation.